【 v21.6 】Only one kind of voice for Android ?

Just now I updated v21.6, but I noticed there only one kind of voice for ATC / pilot .

What happened?

phone: Samsung S20+ ; system: Android 11 (One UI 3.1 ) ; Infinite Flight vision: v21.6 ( 1756 )

Before v21.6, Android can set dozens of voices for ATC/pilot. Now, what happened ?

Double check the ATC voices you have installed for Google TTS. More here:

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Thanks a lot ! @Cameron

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No worries, hope it works for you!

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I checked it again, seems like Google TTS’s issue… So I changed Samsung TTS. Now have some other voices.

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Maybe… There is an adaptation problem between v21.6 and Google TTS ?

We’ve not changed anything TTS related in this update, so there shouldn’t be. We’ll take a look though

Does Samsung TTS work for now?

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Yeah, Samsung TTS is work now. But Google TTS still have problem. Now I think maybe it’s Google TTS’s issue…

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