【 v21.1 】Yesterday at EGLL ~ Nice Shots

I must say, the 3D airport in v21.1 is really amazing ! I love it ~

Yesterday, I made a flight from EGLL to UBBB. ( I don’t know if this flight is available in the real world )

But I take some shots at EGLL ~ (^▽^)

p1: Boarding… ( Seems like a bug, the white lines on the engine blades disappear when the viewing angle closer )

p2: @CaptBilal_CaptNabil is landing at RWY 27R ( I heard that A359 also have a bug in cockpit ? )

p3: FGS-0540, start pushback~ ( The A359 is @CaptBilal_CaptNabil )

p4: Start take off ~ ( The AreoMexico B772’s name is XC-COVID…Emm…strange name… )

p5: V1~ Rotate~

p6: Positive Rate~ Gear Up~

p7: Goodbye London~ ( The B752 on the left side is @NZ_Flyer and the A320 on the right side is @Jordan_Ilencik . Good Day ~)

—— END ——

Which is/are your favorite shot/s ?

  • p1
  • p2
  • p3
  • p4
  • p5
  • p6
  • p7

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Brilliant shot! 😍

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Thanks mate~ (^▽^)

Cool pictures 😄

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Thank you~ bro~

Hey bro just checked my community notifications now thanks for that awesome shot that was when me and my friend Matt aka (@NZ_Flyer) did a flight to Gibraltar from London and did a return trip back! .

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