【 v21.1 】Sunset time, great scenery

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Now it’s the “next day” in my time zone. So…please don’t hide this post😂 thanks~

Yesterday when I approach to ZWWW, I found the scenery at Urumqi is amazing~ So I took these shots~

p1: Urumqi, FGS-0540 inbound landing, RWY25

p2: You can see Mt. Tianshan behind the plane

p3: AP off.Ready to land, RWY25

p4: Soft landing again~

p5: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Urumqi, China, local time, 7PM

Which is/are your favorite shot/s ?

  • p1
  • p2
  • p3
  • p4
  • p5

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Great Photos 😉

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thanks mate~ (๑>؂<๑)@if_ger.aviation

Hey there!

Great photos! However this is your third post in the #screenshots-and-videos category. I strongly suggest taking a dive in the rules of the category.

And as stated in the rules… "No more than one topic per day"

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Yeah, it’s per 24 hours, not calendar days, sorry. Only one S&V within 24 hours. Looks like a beautiful flight nonetheless!

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Must the interval be more than 24 hours?

Okay~got it, thanks. So…should I delete this post ?

When you post in this category, you must wait 24 hours from then to post again. As said by @Aviation108 not calendar days. You have to wait 24 hours from when you posted to post again this category.
The reason it is 24 hours is because it makes the forum less clogged with people posting in it every 10 minutes.

Great photos nonetheless, you can repost when the 24 hours is up!

Unfortunately, only one #screenshots-and-videos can be posted within a 24 hour period. These look amazing though!