【 v21.1 】Air Canada B77W take off at MMMX

Hello guys~ It’s me again~🤣

Today I make a flight from MMMX to TFFR. Use Air Canada B77W, flight time 4h45m~

Now here are some pics~ These shots were taken by FGS-0540 ( it’s me )

p1: Boarding~ ( beautiful Mexico City )

p2: start pushback~ ( this B777 is @AliAlex )

p3: Taxi to RWY23R ( the B77W is @AeroGamingMx and the MD11F is @s_swalkar )

p4: FGS-0540, take off RWY23R, straight out~

p5: V1~ rotate~ ( @AliAlex @AeroGamingMx
@s_swalkar again 😆 )

p6: Positive rate~ Gear up~ AP on~

p7: Farewell~Mexico 😆

Which is/are your favorite shot/s ?

  • p1
  • p2
  • p3
  • p4
  • p5
  • p6
  • p7

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Looks like a sawblade


Thank you for spotting me! Very nice shots :)

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Thanks mate ! (≧▽≦)

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haha~ yeah, I think so😂

My game would have crashed with that many 777s in one area.

Actually no my game just crashes in general.

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Amazing Pictures

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ohoh, that’s really unfortunately

thanks a lot~

Nice photo’s!

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HEY That’s me the one with MD11F

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Amazing shots you took

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Me and @AliAlex , still on the route, crossed paths over Europe an hour ago! What a coincidence xD


That TRFF. You mean TFFR. Nice shots tho.

But. What.

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thank you bro~

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ohoh,you are right ! I mean TFFR😅 This is a clerical error,thanks for your reminder😊

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What a coincidence, haha🤣 wish you two all have a nice landing~

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