【 v21.1 】AEROFLOT B77w take off at URSS

Today I make a flight from URSS to ZWWW, use AEROFLOT B777-300ER.

Here are some pics~

p1: Boarding… ( the A320 is @Joyner_Wilson and the B77F is @Thifal_Attaullah )

p2: Ready for pushback ( the B747 is @Syncline )

p3: This 77w approach very close with 747 at pic3 ( the B77w is @Ramzi_Khairan )

p4: Taxi to RWY6

p5: V1~Rotate~

p6: Goodbye~ Sochi~

Which is/are your favorite shot/s ?

  • p1
  • p2
  • p3
  • p4
  • p5
  • p6

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Nice shot there! fortunately, my take-off was good enough, lol.

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Love seeing URSS get some action😍


Lovely Pictures 😍

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The first picture will all the ground vehicles is my favourite

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haha, I agree with it🤣 Nice take off~

Yeah, Sochi’s scenery is beautiful !

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thank you, bro~ ヾ(^。^*)

haha~it’s my favorite too~

hiiii, Amazing shot there😍😍

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haha~glad you like it(๑>؂<๑)

Dope!!! Literally love that shots

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