V1 Vr and V2 calculations

I would like to know how to workout the speeds for V1 ve and v2 is their an app for this or any charts for this or any certain calculation I have to do?


if you are very light in an 320 ex and vinds is very low v1 shoud be about 135 and rotate 140.it depends on your weight and weather conditons

I want to try and be realistic and put all these in to consideration that’s why I am saying is they an app for calculating v1 ve and v2?

Google it. It’s differently for every aircraft how you calculate v1, vr and v2. There is some general charts for some airplanes ex boeing that is out there you can base on.

I don’t know one app that can do this for every aircraft, but i do now that there is an app for pc when it comes to the q400 which does as you ask for.

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Maybe @Maxmustang knows how


Hey @Janaid , there is no generic algorithm for V1, V2 and Vr. These speeds will be different for every aircraft. Developers might have “internal” equations for calculating V1, V2 and Vr, in order to produce aircraft specific data tables, charts etc. However, this data is only related to that particular aircraft.
I would suggest you to refer to the specific Aircraft Operating Manual case by case.
Blue skies

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MaxSez: @Janaid… You odiously Googled or Wikied the definition of
the V’s and understand the concept. Considering this fact you also know that individuals type aircraft have V’s published in the form of a Graf which is contained in there airworthiness documents and Pilots Operating Handbook as noted herein. You must now take the next logical step; open the Forum Archive or Google V’s by type. Make the effort, one learns by completing the researches logical next step. Do your own homework. Next.


@Laminar thank you. I have taken your answer in to consideration.

@Maxmustang got it teacher. Thank you


Already made!

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If you’re flying a jet, pull up immediately or else you’ll loose control and crash.

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