V1 Speed

How can I understand how much my V1 and rotation speed must be?

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This has already been asked


It varies for different aircraft. Check the individual aircraft’s POH.


Check first how much % your plane is loaded. And then check ur weather. And if ur like on 737 its much like 135-150 knots.

If ur landing it is 135-150 knots.

Is that what the POH says somewhere between 135-150?

But it depents on the runway.

Just gun it ame pullback at the end, you’ll get airborne 😏🤔

How would V1 or V2 depend on the runway? Don’t comment if your just pulling things out your you know what.


When ur taking off. You are putting all the stuff in the FMCU (Real life or FSX). But in IF I dont know. I am taking of with the 737 like when I have 145 knots

Normall the FMCU tells what your V1 is or V2

In IF you must be think what is good

He was talking about landing speed, lel, so hostile😃


I think the best speed for landing is :
A318: 120-135 Knots
A319 : 120-135 Knots
A320: 120-135 Knots
A321: 135-150
B737: 135-150
B747: 145-165
B777: 145-160
B787: 140-160
Embraer: 110-130

The topic is about Vspeeds.

Lol Im forgetting everytime that he wants to know the V1 speed hahaha. Im just talking everytime about landing

Here you have the Vspeeds for a 737.

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MaxSez: The V’s, Flap Settings, Pitch, MaxGross, Temp/Wx etc. for the IF aircraft inventory is readily available on the Web. Get off your lazy butt folks and do your own darn research. Additionally, All data posted here is suspect. There are snakes on this plane. Trust but Varify.



I have several charts with Vspeeds and stall speeds. I’ll scan them later and post the pictured here.

V1 really depends on a lot of things, so it’s hard to make an exact calculation without pulling out all the data like the FMC does.