V1 Rotate!

I wish IF would add take off words😁 I don’t know what they are called. For example…

80 knots/cross checked
100 knots

This would be great. Also your rotate would vary on the type of airplane and weigh.


I can’t imagine that happening.

The dev would have to mathematically compute every weight possible for the right v1 speed.

Just tell your self that, because co pilots job is to announce that.

V1 rotate

Positive rate, GEAR UP(no more usable runway)

Over to departure

Simple :)


I want this to they might make this I don’t know

Keep dreaming that would take a while for that to happen :)

@swang007 please move this to features :)

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Would be a cool feature for sure. At least a Vr call. As Jacob said all the formulae and variables would make it hard to be auto calculated per flight.You could prob find a rough idea for most V speeds on Google though :p

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This topic sounds more like a feature.
I love this idea, move it to Features so that the devs see our wishful dreams.

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Like this idea! Seems challenging but not impossible.

Good idea but It would be very difficult to programme Vr for each aircraft, weight, temperature, weather…

So WE could enter our V1 and VRotate manually and it could just announce what we have entered!

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Or in the FP you could put in your V speeds and it could call it out

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What a great idea. A FMS in every Commercial Aircraft. Who volunteers to write the programs? Pilots there one re-Born every day on IF. The mind is a wonderful thing. Max Sends

This would be perfect for you @Rotate!