V1, Rotaté @ KLAS

I decided to spot again after many days, found a new spot that I can only visit on weekends but definitely worth it!

In other news, I’m receiving a new Canon Camera for Christmas and I need suggestions, my current Canon Rebel XSI is just no.

Trying out the new spot and I don’t regret it! Control Tower makes everything awesome! Here’s a 789 rotating for @Altaria55 land.

Xavier and Viva 🥰

The lovely sounds of the PW2000’s (definitely didn’t get corrected by @Dylan_M) as this Delta 757 climbs over the D-Gates Ramp Tower!

A couple more shots of the Allegiant MD-77-300 on it’s rotaté to Dallas!

Just gonna head to my other usual spot to catch the second AA 789 from Dallas!

Excitemint is in the Air as a Jetblue arrives in the blue skies. (help)

After 9 months of no Canadian service, we finally see Southwe- WestJet start-up service again!

Viva Aerobus’ second flight here for the day from Guadalajara!

I appreciate you clicking on today’s topic, I plan on re-visiting today to catch the final ever Virgin Atlantic 747 depart Las Vegas for Marana!


I mean if you’re super insistent on getting a new body and not a new lens cop an SL3 or 77D

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These shots are brilliant! As a Brit, I can’t wait to see your Virgin 747 shot… she will be missed from all of us at MAN!

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Yeah, you should definitely get some…

Lovely job! The American 772’s look great!

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I’ll check it out, I’m gonna stick to my lense because my parents don’t agree on spending another 250$ when my “lense is top class”

The first one is definitely my favourite 😍😍

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I just found out while spotting, the darker shade of brown on the control tower is to match the mountains in the background haha!

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*cough PW2000s

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The first shot is great!

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Join the SL3 gang we got @den.aviation and myself


Just a little sneak peak on whats coming next


Nice shots. I like the 2 Mexican airlines, well done

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Nice shots! Flew into Vegas for the first time about a month ago! It’s a very nice airport!

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Thanks for the pics. Fantastic

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Hey !

First of all I find your photos just wonderful, in addition to the resolution of the images !
Moreover they are perfectly framed, especially the second image of the 772 of American Airlines that I love !

I had a question, it’s been 2 years since I’ve been doing architecture, portrait and street photography. (Before Covid) I was going to do planespotting, I wanted to know what kind of Canon lens you used ?

Otherwise keep on doing what you’re doing, it’s just fantastic !

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Get this!

My uncle does professional photography and this is one of the cameras he uses!

Hope this helps ya!

Awesome Photos

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Thanks !

I checked that.
Yeah the Sony A7 series is just crazy, almost perfect in every way, I had the opportunity once to test the Sony A7III, pure madness but the price salted haha but one day I will try to get one ;)
If I calculate with the salary I have, I could afford it in XXXXX years haha
Actually i’m shooting with a Canon 250D, really not bad^^


My Canon lense is a Tamron 18-270mm lense, it’s in the 150-250$ price range, works well for closeups!

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I have always wanted to go to Vegas! 😍
Amazing photos @Kamryn

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Oh ok thanks for the informations ! 🙂