V1, Rotate AMA with MDoor [Responses posted]


AMA with MDoor

Yes, that’s him flying in the background. Awesome, isn’t it?

Welcome to V1, Rotate’s seventh Ask Me Anything (AMA), a series where we invite members of the community that have made significant contributions in the community and in Infinite Flight. Last time, we had the opportunity to ask Chris_Wing questions.

On this edition of V1, Rotate’s AMA series, our guest is @MDoor. He is a real-world certified Private Pilot, UT Austin Alumni (Hook 'em horns!!), DLVA Flight Training Director, and an IFVARB Board Member.

Starting today and ending on Thursday (April 15th), you’ll be able to ask Mike any questions you may have, whether it be about Infinite Flight or his personal life. However, inappropriate and duplicate questions will be removed, and any questions that our guest does not wish to respond will not be responded to.

How To Ask A Question

You don’t have to be a site member to ask a question! To ask a question, you can just leave it here a reply to this IFC thread. Alternatively, you could make an account and comment on the blog article - whatever you prefer. However, the question submitting period will end at 2359Z on Thursday, the 15th of April.

Blog Article

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Here’s my questions:

  • How has UT Austin helped your aviation career?
  • When is Luna receiving her 747 type rating?
  • How did your football injury take place?
  • How has Infinite Flight impacted your real-world aviation career?

Thanks again for this opportunity! Hook em’ horns ;)


Second after soohas

  • What is your favorite moment from flying IRL? (I worded that incorrectly)
  • How did you discover IF?

When will Luna become VA Manager?




why cirrus?
also, how can luna’s influence on DLVA branding make them a more superior VA?


How did you become such a great DLVA staff member?

  • What was the FAA’s reaction to Luna showing up for the PPL checkride?
  • What is your favourite aircraft to fly IRL?

How did Luna become the most legendary floof in DLVA?


Favorite GA brand besides the one you always fly.


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Who is Luna?

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Can you show us that photo of Luna with the pilot headset? 🥺


Haha Luna is my co-pilot (or maybe I’m hers?). And here you go @Will_A

I’m excited to answer all of these questions!


as a proud DLVA pilot why are we one of the best and most professional VA’s Sir

First Officer
[DAL 175VA]

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11th after Bus108

Quite a cool blog, nice read! Thanks sahus

How was it standing in the cold at 33 degrees in the pouring rain watching a fight because mwe talked you into working for him at a football game?

Why did you stand @Hopperbolic and I up at Joe T’s and will you buy the next pitcher when we go next?

Is it true that Luna sabotaged the Squirrel campaign?

Will we ever complete the M&M World Tour 3 in africa?

Why does UT suck so bad at football?

Why is TDV’s ATL AHM such an awesome person?

Looking forward to the reply @MDoor


Why are you a Door?

Did you ever figure out why @mwe2187 lost his engine on takeoff in MFS?

What, in your eyes, makes DLVA one of a kind?

What was your major?

Thanks all! Bye


Hey there, V1, Rotate is the name of the blog. As for actual V speeds, there are numerous resources here on the community and online that can calculate that information - if you’d like me to send it to you, please let me know.


Hmm now I got it I was confused by youtube

You had a nice cute co-piolt.

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About six hours until the question period closes. Get your last questions in, folks!