V1, Rotate AMA with lucaviness

Still no answers…
I just find it kinda lame to start another AMA when this one isn’t even done

It’s still 5pm for Matt, he could be busy, they’ll come bro

It’s ok mate. He has an IRL life :)

Please do tell me how I should run my blog, your wisdom would be appreciated.

Seriously, could you stop telling me what to do? I’ve got other priorities right now, studying for finals next week, and the interviewee also has finals. I don’t understand how you have the nerve to pester me about this time and time again, it’s very frustrating. Thank you.


Good luck on your finals🙂


Oh, and don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Enjoy our latest article while you wait until we’re ready.


Hey! We run schedules for all of our AMA’s and Blog Posts. When the V1, Rotate squad plans out how we do things we calendar it out to ensure we all can make commitments. With finals, holidays, and so much more coming up, a small overlap like this was the best option. In my opinion, it is great. You get to meet more awesome community members! Feel free to ask a question to Drummer, hes a cool guy ;)

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Well you said later today so don’t blame me for expecting what you said 🤷

It’s 5:19pm.


Good evening, @Philippe_Gilbert – you can blame me for the delay. In addition to this being the first week I’ve been able to see my family in four months (boarding school), I’ve also had final exams. I’m doing my best to get these responses in as soon as possible. So sorry for the wait.


Just let them work at their pace. If it doesn’t come out today who cares? Things (life) gets in the way. The blog team puts a lot of time and effort into their stuff but sometimes life needs to come first. We should be grateful they are taking the time out of their day to give us this.


This should be an interesting read. I enjoy seeing collaborations between community members.

As for the rest of you, play nice. We expect nothing less from our Grade 5-worthy stars. ;)


What delay? 😂

Enjoy your time with your family and good luck on your finals. Don’t worry most of us are, while interested in your answers, not so desperate as to want you to give that stuff up on our account. Take your time.


This guys… oof. Thanks for your time guys, look forward to it.

I really hope not

Starbucks or Dunkin?

Peet’s for sure. Not much Dunkin on the West Coast and I don’t care for Starbucks.


I wonder who @lucaviness s … hummmmm?

Joking aside: what’s been your most challenging IFATC experience and why?

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Thank you to everyone that participated and asked Luca questions! Your responses can all be found in the newly published blog article, linked below. Enjoy!

We invite you to participate in our current AMA with @Drummer that will be wrapping up tomorrow, as well as our future AMAs. We will also be introducing an AMA nomination form in the next week, please stay tuned for that. Oh, and subscribe to the blog to receive our posts in your inbox. Thanks for participating!


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