V1, Rotate AMA with lucaviness


AMA With Luca C (Lucaviness) Invite


Welcome to V1, Rotate’s second Ask Me Another (AMA), a series where we invite members of the community that have made significant contributions in the community and in Infinite Flight. Last time, we had the opportunity to ask @infiniteflight_17 questions, and it was, for the most part, a great turnout. This time, we will use a different format. Rather than using the previous “live response” format, we will use a format similar to that of the former IFCI, where you will ask the questions, then the guest will answer them at the end of the question period.

On this edition of V1, Rotate’s AMA series, our guest will be none other than Luca C, better known as @lucaviness here on the forum. He is an Infinite Flight Grade 5 pilot, IFATC Officer, and “formatting wizard” here on the forum. He’s also made some great tutorials, which you should check out in your free time.

Starting today and ending on Sunday (December 6th), you’ll be able to ask Luca any questions you may have, whether it be about Infinite Flight or his personal life. However, inappropriate and duplicate questions will be removed, and any questions that our guest does not wish to respond will not be responded to.

How To Ask A Question

Unlike last time, you don’t have to be a site member to ask a question! To ask a question, you can just leave it as a reply to this thread (on the IFC). Alternatively, you could make an account and comment on the blog article - whatever you prefer. However, the question submitting period will end at 2359Z on Sunday, the 6th of December.

Blog Article

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Thanks for this opportunity, Matt – can’t wait to answer all of the questions!

  • Is it hard to go about on the forum with such an amazing profile picture?
  • Who inspires you, IRL and in IF?
  • What do you consider your greatest IF achievement?
  • How did you discover Infinite Flight?
  • What advice would you give to an aspiring IFATC Officer?
  • Do you have any pets?

Hope I wasn’t supposed to just ask one… looking forwards to your answers Luca <3

  • What does an average day look like for you?
  • What is your favorite aspect of Infinite Flight?
  • Thoughts on the A330 getting reworked?

That’s all I could think of, looking forward to the answers. 😉


How did you initially become interested in aviation?

Excellent Choice! Luca, I cant wait to read the responses! Looking forward to what you do next!

Does pineapple belong on pizza?


Looking forward for this interview!

  • Where are you from?

  • Best experiences and moments while being part of IFATC?

  • And how will you spend the Christmas this year?

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How do you feel about the number “73” and how is it relevant/special in your life?



what do you do when your’re free or bored?

Questions will remain open for 24 more hours.

Where do you live? (If you’re willing to answer of course)
And why don’t you show the “Regular” tag next to your profile?

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Why are you so cool? 😎

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Questions will close in a matter of hours.

What are some long term and short term goals that you have for yourself within Infinite Flight and in your own personal life?


What are your future goals in today’s aviation disaster?

Uh have the answers been given?

Later today :)

Still no answers…
I just find it kinda lame to start another AMA when this one isn’t even done

It’s still 5pm for Matt, he could be busy, they’ll come bro