V1, Rotate AMA with Gliding_Central


AMA With Gliding_Central


Welcome to V1, Rotate’s fifth Ask Me Anything (AMA), a series where we invite members of the community that have made significant contributions in the community and in Infinite Flight.

On this edition of V1, Rotate’s AMA series, our guest is Joshua, better known as @Gliding_Central within Infinite Flight. He is an IFATC Trainer and Supervisor, a member of the ATC Appeals team, staff at International Professional Pilots, and the manager of the Spotting From The Control Tower blog. Joshua is also really fond of cookies and is definitely not afraid to share them!

Starting today and ending on Wednesday (February 3rd), you’ll be able to ask Joshua any questions you may have, whether it be about Infinite Flight or his personal life. However, inappropriate and duplicate questions will be removed, and any questions that our guest does not wish to respond will not be responded to.

How To Ask A Question

You don’t have to be a site member to ask a question! To ask a question, you can just leave it as a reply to the IFC thread. Alternatively, you could make an account and comment on the blog article - whatever you prefer. However, the question submitting period will end at 2359Z on Wednesday, February 3rd.

Blog Article

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Hello Gliding_Central!!

  1. what’s your favorite kind of cookie?

  2. what’s your favorite restaurant

And finally

  1. what made you want to join IFATC?
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Questions for @Gliding_Central

  • How do you discovered Infinite Flight?

  • What’s your favourite Aircraft?

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  • Why did you start the Spotting From The Control Tower blog?
  • Where are you from? (If you wish to answer of course)
  • What do you like to do outside of Infinite Flight?
  • What does the day of an IFATC supervisor look like?
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Hello Gliding_Central hope you are having a good day!

  • What is the hardest part of being a ATC trainer?

  • What is your favorite airport to control?

  • What’s your favorite food?

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Hey buddy

  1. After many months of sessions, for both tower and radar you see your trainee pass the test. How do you describe the feeling?

  2. How is it to see a trainee fail a test?

  3. How much cookie can you take per day? 😳

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Hello Gliding_Central

  • Would you like to Control EGLL GTADS + London + Paris + Scottish centers?
  • Would you like to be a Recruiter?
  • What is the size of you favourite cookies?
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I must say these are some great questions!


Still plenty of time to ask questions!

We can certainly do better than this, keep asking your questions!

The AMA ends today…certainly there’s more participation than this.

Ok I will ask some more questions,


What is your absolute favorite and absolute least favorite aircraft within the game or irl?

Do you like milk with your cookies?

How many IFATC trainings do you do on average per day?

Whats your favorite color?

Whats the longest flight you have done in Infinite Flight?

Do you grease your landings often?

There you go much more questions for you to answer now!

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Another great bunch of questions! Please feel free to ask more before it’s too late 💛🍪

Ok fine!

Why choose Infinite Flight over other mobile flight sims and other pc sims?

What’s your favorite movie?

What is your favorite livery in the game and what’s your most used livery in the game?

What else do you do outside of Infinite Flight?

Thanks again 🤪

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What inspired you to make your ATC a feedback banners?

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Question 1: Why is your accent so amazing?
Question 2: Where does your cookie obsession stem from?
Question 3: What is your favorite Oceanic Airline?

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The first time you clicked on ATC menu to try it out, how did you feel and how did it go? (I still do not dare trying…)

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Responses (sorry for the delay):


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