V1, Rotate AMA with Chris_Wing


AMA with Chris_Wing


Welcome to V1, Rotate’s sixth Ask Me Anything (AMA), a series where we invite members of the community that have made significant contributions in the community and in Infinite Flight. Last time, we had the opportunity to ask Gliding_Central questions.

On this edition of V1, Rotate’s AMA series, our guest is @Chris_Wing. He is an British/Swiss IFATC Supervisor and Trainer, President of British Airways Virtual Airline, student pilot, and a longtime forum contributor and Infinite Flight meet up attendee. He resides in Switzerland with his brother, fellow Infinite Flight contributor and IFATC Controller Nick_Wing.

Starting today and ending on Saturday (March 13th), you’ll be able to ask Chris any questions you may have, whether it be about Infinite Flight or his personal life. However, inappropriate and duplicate questions will be removed, and any questions that our guest does not wish to respond will not be responded to.

How To Ask A Question

You don’t have to be a site member to ask a question! To ask a question, you can just leave it here a reply to this IFC thread. Alternatively, you could make an account and comment on the blog article - whatever you prefer. However, the question submitting period will end at 2359Z on Saturday, the 13th of March.

Blog Article

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How can you be a cool German?


What’s it like at IFC meetups, and who’s the cooler Wing Bro?


How do you manage to pull off such good looks?


How did you manage to get to grade 5?

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Questions for Chris:

  • How did you discovered IF?

  • What is your favourite Airline?

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I have to be that guy.

  • Whats your favorite plane?

And a few other questions…

  • Why/how are you so good at livery designing?

  • How did you get those cool shades? 😎

  • What’s your favorite movie or TV show?


Do you have a favourite flight instrument you use when (a) flying the GA aircraft during your lessons and (b) flying a commercial aircraft in IF? And/or favourite specific leg/portion of flight (e.g., landing prep)? Why?

Name a person, famous or not, that inspires you and tell us how/why?

What do you enjoy most about IFATC?



What are your goals in terms of becoming a real world pilot?

Does your last name contribute to your love for aviation?

As both the CEO of one of the biggest VAs and an IFATC Trainer, how do you balance everything?

What’s a selling point that I can use to convince my family to take a trip to Switzerland?




Interesting reading though these responses. Thanks for taking some of my questions @Chris_Wing!

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