V1, Rotate AMA with Asher Z


AMA With Asher Z (Infiniteflight_17) Invite

Welcome to V1, Rotate’s first Ask Me Another (AMA), a series where we invite members of the community that have made significant contributions in the community and in Infinite Flight. Our first guest is Asher, better known as @Asher here on the IFC. Having been a longtime Infinite Flight pilot with Grade 5 status, as well as an IFATC Specialist and the CEO of Alaska Virtual Airline, Asher is experienced and knowledgable in regards to the world of Infinite Flight. He is also a student pilot, currently training at Santa Monica Flyers in Santa Monica, California, a suburb of Los Angeles.

Starting today and ending on Saturday (November 28th), you’ll be able to ask Asher any questions you may have, whether it be about Infinite Flight or his personal life. However, inappropriate and duplicate questions will be removed, and any questions that our guest does not wish to respond will not be responded to.

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To start, sign up for an account on our website by clicking the article link below and making an account via the button in the top right corner. Then, navigate to the bottom of the page and leave a comment with your question!

Our guest will answer questions as he is available, and a waiting period of up to 24 hours may be required. Once the AMA has concluded, comments will close, and I will publish a handful of questions in a blog article this weekend.

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I’d like to thank Matt for giving me this opportunity! I’ll try to learn the interface this is going to be happening on so bear with me.


Congrats on being the first guest, Asher! I am excited to learn more about you as an individual and how you do it all!


If you have a question and don’t want to make an account, feel free to reply to this comment on this IFC thread, I’ll ask on your behalf :)


basic questions come basic answers

How did you get involved into Infinite Flight and what makes the app your favorite?

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Bold of you to assume it’s his favorite. 🤪

Do you have any tips for an aviation enthusiast looking to endure flight training?


Format will change next week, stay tuned for our next AMA guest which will be posted this time next week :)


If someone logs over 5000 hours on something, it is safe to assume it is their favorite app to use.


5000 hours? 😳

That’s an estimate of the amount of time that you’ve left @RTG113’s Snapchat on read…

Kidding…or am I?


5698 to be exact. It’s called an addiction.

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Are you a pilot irl?

I’d assume yes.

Nice! Good luck with the adventures ahead as a professional aviator

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I’ve got a question or two for Mr. Asher.

  • What do you prefer to fly on IF? GA, military, or airliners?

  • What toppings do you like on your pizza?

I may or may not make an account to submit questions next time. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Have you and @Thunderbolt ever met IRL?

Not yet :(

We planned to meet on my birthday back in September, but Asher cancelled, then we were supposed to meet with @Altaria55 a couple weeks ago - I couldn’t make it out to the airport since there was work going on at the house. Hopefully we can meet sometime soon, though :)

Since you won’t make an account I’ll answer it here. Everyone else who has question(s) please go to the link Matt linked in his topic.

  1. I prefer GA but fly commercial more. GA allows you to fly low and slow and really take in the beauty of IF. It’s also amazing because you get to hand fly more.

  2. Pepperoni and pepperoni only as a topping. If you like pineapple on your pizza you are out of your mind.


I met Asher though 😶

What got you into the VA community Asher?

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