V1 and stall speed with flaps in airspeed indicator

There should be V1 in the airspeed indicator. Not only V1 and Maximum flaps speed and stall speeds with flaps indicators.


Might as well you get the info online and copy it down somewhere on a piece of paper or something lel

… (IRL planes have those indicators)

There is? Well if there is then my bad but you gotta show me man

It doesn’t have v1 but has flap limit indicators

I meant thisimage

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I think we will only get that when animated cockpit with working instruments comes

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but when you go to cockpit view or hud view you can see it on the left

I don’t think so

you can I will show you


Which aircraft is this

All aircrafts in IF

This is the Airbus A321

Where is it???

not only A321 but on all aircrafts. you can see above the map


Where is it sorry this is the a321

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I think he means the IAS is already there so there’s no need to wait for animated cockpits “just add it to the HUD is what he’s implying”

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V1 is airport based right? As it varies based on the runway you fly on

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