V speeds and check lists

It’s time for IF to create V speeds for their aircrafts!
V speeds are a huge part of learning an aircraft and it’s limitations even though you can not really brake an aircraft in infinite flight I still think this would be a good tool.
I also think it would be cool for IF to make a virtual cockpit with the ability to use check lists and procedures


Hey! Please continue here Built in V-Speeds
Also, if you create a FPL with FPLtoIF, it should show you the V Speeds

Adding onto @jason, you can go through #ground-school:community-tutorials to find V Speeds, Performance charts and Takeoff/ Landing Profiles.

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If you want to sprinkle a little bit more realism to IF, you should consider buying Infinite Flight Assistant, they have F/O callouts (V speeds, gear, flaps) GPWS, RAAS warnings and PA announcements.

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Yes, I reckon they should! After all, they built it! 😃

Although a senior 777 pilots who tried IF once said IF’s 777 are overpowered, a senior Airbus captain said the A320 was harder to fly than real life, and although the 737-800 doesn’t really work when using some (not all, just some) of the datas referenced in the formal real-world 737-800 take off speeds chart, the planes in IF still flew beautifully and close to real life regardless!

This means that the factory who built them (which is Infinite Flight) must have important flight datas for every aircrafts in their storage.

Although it was fun when we contributed in making a lists of V-Speeds some years back, yea, but they were made and field tested only by us users with various parameters… I still feel that they’re “scientifically” are still not 100% applicable when we happened to have different parameters and thus they’re incomplete information.

Imagine testing your car’s performances and happily jotting down results - but while considering that the car’s factory actually have the real performance down to the last decimal - wouldn’t you wanna know what it is? So you’d know how to make the most of it.

I’m guessing all newly reworked aircrafts in Infinite Flight have their own, proper special performances guidelines and intended performance results when they were coding their flight algorythms, or do they?

If so, would be great to take a peek!😁 …or at least, be educated with the behind-the-scenes know-hows to how these aircrafts could fly in IF so we’d know how to make a complete chart.

As above! Lots of resources to help with this already.