V speed Gpws and TCAS

After flying in cockpit view for a while I’ve noticed that when landing you get altitude callouts but we’re taking off near close aircraft or near don’t get any such as 80 kts v1 rotate or too terrain these are some of the GPWS Callouts And I hope that they will be added soon along with others to make the game more realistic

You can try using IF-Assistant for this!


I use infinite passenger, and that does it.

I do but it’s not very reliable It give you the 80 knot call out when you were already off the ground at least that’s what happens to mine

I meant infinite passengers

Infinite Flight Passengers isn’t exactly accurate, but trust me, IF-Assistant is accurate :)


You can also vote for some of those features down below :D

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Both of these are existing requests. Built in V-Speeds, callouts, and Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)