V Speed, G’s, Solo Recording ?

Last May Deercrusher said developers would like to place this data back in the sim.
Obviously, would be a very helpful tool to improve landing skill.
Any updates or decisions that staff can share?

Were V speeds in the game ?
I’m pretty sure G forces are still visible.

We have a third party app for V-speeds. G-Force are already in the game, and you can watch the replay and record it with a third party app as well.

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I think he means the one we had access to before, for recording.

And replay don’t show all your flight.


IF Asisstant doesn’t give you the V-Speeds, but rather just announces V1, Rotate, V2 depending on the speeds you put in


Although using the JBU format on SimBrief you can get quite a lot of them.

I’m sorry. I meant Vertical rate, not V speeds. 🙄

That’s called VS, Vertical Speed

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