V-Speed autopilot


For some reason when I set my V/S autopilot the planes lurches down by about -300 meters per second. It is strange, as soon as I set the v/s even when holding speed and the angle steady the plane still Abruptly lurches forward as soon as v/s speed is set.
How do i avoid this?


Your speed can cause this
Pretty much the lower the speed to more aggressive the plane gets

Also flaps can make this happen if you put them down to fast

Here is a feature topic that will completely fix this, feel free to vote here! Smooth Autopilot Transitions

May be wrong some one more knowledgeable will correct me if wrong but if trim isn’t set properly could that be the issue?
(I’m picturing pilot with back pressure on stick and auto pilot activating and having to adjust from neutral pressure to compensate)

You are not activating VNAV by mistake by any chance, right? (As that would be my best guess)

(Because otherwise the autopilot should normally set the V/S you are currently flying)

does it happend when you activate the VS or try to adjust the VS? because when you adjust the VS rapidly it can get harsh. a rate of ± 100fpm while adjusting the VS is enough and stable for me

I know what is happening, its happening just after take off isnt it… Many people have this issue and there isnt alot you can do about it currently

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