V/S To Destination - A new Widget

This is a request for a new bottom bar widget to be added in Infinite Flight.

It is based on a feature that already exists in ForeFlight: It is a constantly updated calculation of the vertical speed you need to remain to get to the runway. Or in other words: A decent calculation added as a widget.

This widget will show you how fast you need to decent to get to the runway, based on your speed, altitude and airport altitude.

Why is this helpful:
Well, you’ll know when it’s time do descent. If you start your descent to late, you’ll end up with a way to high V/S. If you have a constantly updated V/S calculation you’ll know when it’s time to start descending. This will also help ATC.

I think it’s a good idea. That’s why I wrote that request. Happy landings!

I hope it’s not a duplicate. I haven’t found another post though so I’m confident. And I’m sorry if I explained this in a way to difficult way. It’s actually pretty simple.

Oh yes that would be so awesome! I’m always trying to get a smooth transition from cruise to the runway but it’s never exactly on point. This would help soo much! Great idea.


This would be really awesome, though I enjoyed calculating it manually:-(
Sadly out of votes again


I quite like calculating it in my head (and getting it wrong from time to time).


This would be a great feature request. I’m in for it.


I honestly think this would remove the challenge in flying. One of the best parts of flying IF is the challenge and realism it provides and I think this would just make it too easy. Besides, a simple use of some math calculations would get your what you need.


I like the idea. But I have a few questions.

Where would it start counting? 150 miles out? etc? You dont want to be at 300 miles out and it spending processing cycles to calculate the -0.00000001 VS.

How will it handle the speed limit under 10k At 120 miles out at 0.78 it will give me one value and if I follow that down to 10k and then slow down in theory it would give me less of a VS to get to the runway.


To answer your questions:

1. Where would it start counting?
If the optimal descent rate is below -100ft per minute, the widget wouldn’t show anything. It would only show 100ft steps as an indication. That’s what you can enter in the autopilot.

So we have two choices: First, it constantly calculates the descent rate throughout the whole flight, but it only starts to show up when it reaches -100fpm; or as a second option we let it start calculating when there are about 200nm left in your flightplan. I think that the first option is more easy to program, but I have no idea about that. The only code I ever wrote was for a Windows XP version of „Pong“ with only 1 level.

2. How will it handle the speed limit under 10k?
It doesn’t have to. The calculation is constantly updated with your current groundspeed. When you change your speed, it changes the calculation. So when you’re descending with an airspeed of 270 (groundspeed 370) it will calculate the descent rate with that speed. And if you slow down below 10‘000ft, the calculation will update automatically, like how it’s done in ForeFlight.

That’s the idea. But if our devs decide to add it in a better and more efficient way, I’m the last person to say „No that’s not how I wanted it!“. (I could try, but I really doubt that I have the position to do so 😅).


Sound a great idea.
Your answer is great explanation.
Will see if the developer add it?
Hopefuly, it will add!

So, I think it’s have to be like an auto VS. Like APPR or navigation, when you would like to decent it will do it automatically. Like you press APPR or NAV

NAV and APPR doesn’t do that.

I mean you can activate it by yourself and it will canculate and do it automatically

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Nope. It won’t let you descent automatically. It’s not VNAV. You still have to set up your autopilot manually. It’s just a widget or an indication.

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Well, APPR is auto land, not auto descend. NAV, is the route to the dest.

VS, is the autopilot where you decends or climbs each minute. It not same as this idea.

I know!!! When you have the menu: APPR, NAV so my idea is AV (auto decent) that will decent automatically when you press on it…

Cool idea but… Will we have Flight computer someday? There we can set the distance we want to descent and speed and computer will calculate it instead of us. In 9999 years

But what about function for status bar, then it’s awesome idea. There are so many V/S discussions, so that’s be really good for us