V/S auto pilot

When I turn my auto pilot to 1400 V/S it goes all the way up to 2800 and I almost stall out. This just happened to me while taking off from KRDN. Any thing to fix this?

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Try making sure that your speed is appropriate. If your going too slow, this VS can be very harsh, causing the nose to pitch wayy up. I would also recommend you set your altitude and then V/S as the plane will already be heading upwards and the +1400 V/S won’t be a dramatic change. Sometimes the IF autopilot makes very harsh movements and then calms down after 30 seconds or so. Let me know if any of this helps :)


Ok thanks, I’ll try it out next flight :)

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Thank you! It seemed to work!

I’m glad to hear that! Blue skies and Tailwinds to you my friend! :)

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