V.C. Bird International (TAPA, ANU) spotting 5/5/2018

Hello fellow avgeeks, Today was a momentous day for me and my airport as a NEOS Airlines 787-9 Dreamliner substituted for the usual Boeing 767-300ER. NEOS is a charter airline, so it doesn’t usually come. I flocked out with my dad (who is an ATC at the airport) to see it arrive. Sorry for the bad quality, these photos were taken with an IPAD. All photos and videos are mine. Contact for use.

Virgin Atlantic Airbus a330-300

Delta Airlines Boeing 737-800

Ramp Lineup

The Star of the Show! NEOS Airlines Boeing 787-9 EI-NEO

Water Salute


I hope you guys enjoy! Btw the videos were taken outside the Tower.


@Mattia_Bordoni look what livery it is!

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Awesome videos. Hopefully you can get a camera for your next spotting trip!

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I forgot these.

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