V-280 „Valor“ Tiltrotor Achieves First Cruise Mode Flight

One of the competitors wich are suppose to replace the Blackhawk (and maybe also the Apache) helicopters has made his first flight in its airplane mode.

The competitor of the Valor is the Sikorsky-Boeing SB-1 Defiant.

In my personal opinion will make the race. Not only because it does remind me of those helicopters from Avatar😂.
I am interested in your opinion about the two competitors so pls write a comment🙂.

Wich one will make the race

  • Bell V-280 „Valor“
  • Sikorsky-Boeing SB-1 „Defiant“

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I hope the 280 is successful!

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Yes i do hope so as well. The combination of the Boeing of coaxial rotors and a pushing prop does not only look weird but also is less promising in my opinion!

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Yeah know i’m interested see how it does performance wise. I mean look at the Russians They’re famous for it and seems to work extremely well!

Downside is the Maintenance that comes along with it.

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I do know that Russia does have coaxial helicopters but I did not not know the do have some with a pushing prop at the back

Think the most famous known “Pushprop” is the Sikorsky’s S-97 “Raider” They have three. There’s also the Sikorsky X2 which the S-97 came from.

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But you said Russians are famous for it not American companies! 😉

That’s why I was wondering. I do know that there are some of those helps out there but I did not know any Russian one.

Yes Russians are famous for the coaxial, not the push props

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Ok now we got it clear xD.
I knew that Russia had some coaxial ones. I think the most famous one is the attack heli.

By the way. Those two aircrafts (valor and defiant) are only one of many upcoming new aircrafts wich are supposed to replace many different helicopters and maybe even the Hercules.
One concept wich could replace the Hercules and the chinooks is a quad tilt rotor aircraft wich could look like this.

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