[V.21.1] Formation flying are some of the best things of Infinite flight

Route: Mexico City to Denver (MMMX - KDEN)
Server: Expert
Flight time: 3.35 Hours

Fast forward., We’re on right downwind at Denver!

We touch down exactly at the same time!

Thank you! Good Day!

Thanks to @The_Aviator for joining me!


I love the second photo! Amazing shots, great job!

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Thank you! 2nd’s my favourite too!

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Where’s the formation bit?

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In the sky 🙃! Seriously tho the winds were unstable so maintained 10-12nm of distance

Oh but were u separate talking units?

Separate units? You mean callsign not having flight of 2 or something?

Ye. Were you 2 seperate units

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awesome photos! @aviatorshubyt 👌

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No we used flight of 2 in our callsign

Thanks for joining mate!

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