V 20.2 open beta

when will this 20.2 development phase end ?

We never know. It can be tomorrow, it can be New Year’s Eve. Shouldn’t be too much longer. We just need to be patient a little while longer.

The post didn’t anticipate a long open beta time


I am patient, 2 weeks was given as an approximate test phase window. My question is , is the beta test phase going well and as planned, since “open beta” is new to IF.

I’m not asking because I’m anxious for 20.2 , I’m asking to see if the beta testing is producing helpful data
and on target, no more no less.

Could be New Years, smart…could be in 2035 too

Don’t worry, I wasn’t implying you weren’t patient. Sorry if it came off that way


From the perspective of a tester here, it’s going pretty good. Those using the beta builds are reporting things out of the ordinary constantly, and new beta builds addressing issues are coming fairly regularly.


Adding on, the blog post states;

The goal is no more than a few weeks, however like any release, testing, approval, and launch is subject to change. Many factors go into what constitutes a stable release candidate, however we will do our best to ship in a timely manner and of course keep you updated along the way.