Uzbekistan Airways 787
Glad to see that another airline has ordered the 787. In my honest opinion, the livery needs some changing. Comment yours below. :)

Credit: WoodyAeroImages (via flickr)


The livery looks kind ofโ€ฆ Old school if you will ;)

Colors donโ€™t really match ;/


Oh. Alright, Iโ€™ll remind myself to write that down.

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@SingaporeAirlines the user is not new. He has been on the forums since Mars.

Also, I donโ€™t think this is a feature requestโ€ฆ


Sorry for the inconvinience, Just withdrew it
Thanks for reminding me Samuel

I thought this is a request at first :P

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Yay, Iโ€™m so happy, I love the Uzbek livery and I couldnโ€™t wait to see it on a 787. Shame it didnโ€™t come sooner so we could see it in the update :)

Congratulations to Uzbekistan Airways for their new Boeing 787-8. This plane will give passengers a new experience of flying.


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I think it looks quite nice on itโ€ฆ :)

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Oh my god did is that a photoshop or did Boeing recently roll out the 787 in the Uzbekistan livery?

So beautiful ๐Ÿ˜. One of the best liveries in existance!

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I my opinion this is THE worst livery their is.

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Full livery

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It came out of the paint hangar (the one in Everett) recently.

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The 787 looks like a airplane from 1970 or so with this livery.

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The 787 that looks like it is from the 1980s is the Air China livery on the 787-9. Iโ€™m not a huge fan of it. :/


Sorry 787 itโ€™s not you itโ€™s that livery. That color scheme and design just makes you look ugly.

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Yeah. I believe the livery is based off of their flag colors, they look great on the 767, but the livery on the 787 is ehโ€ฆ

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