UUEE landing

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I was approaching UUEE today around 0900Z and ATIS said Landing runways are 06C, 06L and 06R. I was on the left side of 06R for descending while tower kept asking me for RIGHT base or I would be ghosted. I was very confusing cause shoulndn’t it be left BASE when ur landing from west side of the runway?
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Who was your controller?

By the sounds of it, the controller asked you to enter right downwind, but you continued to fly on left downwind.

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where is right downwind in 06C? I am always confused on that

Right downwind means the runway should be on the right side of your aircraft.

On the right side of the runway

Right downwind for 06C would be once the runway is to your right hand side, you plane nose is facing west, as you are flying heading west and are going to make 180 u-turn to the right to land at RWY 06C.

Basically you are to the left of RWY 06C, facing in the opposite direction of the runway heading. Then you turn base so that you are facing north (right base), then turn right again and you’re established on the localizer (on final).


Hopefully this can clarify it better, if you’re on right downwind for the runway, the runway will be to your right side while flying the opposite heading.



The controller was G-HamsZ. He ghosted you 1. For not following instructions and 2. being too close to my aircraft. Idk that was my perspective.

Take it to a pm with him, he’ll explain for you

I wasn’t at UUEE.

Also, I had approach at ULLI.

The controller was @Airbus_Driver . Please contact him via PM if you have questions about your ATC experience. Thank you.

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Wasn’t me , it was @Airbus_Driver before me , 21:00 Z

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I didn’t ghost anyone today

gets passed to all IFATC’s :D

I think he got a warning, not ghost

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Yep guys don’t worry I was only warned of ghosting and land properly. Thanks anyways:)