UUDD Taxiways

I just spawned in UUDD and saw that we don’t have some taxiways


Many airports are currently or recently have received extensive upgrades to their terminals and pavements in real life. This could be the result of recent construction and online imagery that hasn’t caught up with recent upgrades hence the reason why the 2D airport file hasn’t been updated yet. The 2D airport editors are constantly upgrading airports as soon as they can but they are limited to the imagery provided. This will likely be fixed in the future when more data comes available.


This recent satellite picture from Google maps shows that this part is undergoing works

I would like to know how to taxi though.


With low traffic ATC could probably give you progressive taxi instructions via the remote stands to avoid both the grass and the buses parked to the North

I don’t know how they are negating this in real life but my advice would be use an alternative gate until things get updated as per Levet’s comment

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Yes. A new terminal is being built at Domodedovo (UUDD)


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