UUDD (Domodedovo)

Dear friends, greetings to all of you, I would like to appeal to Expert Server players who want a realistic gaming experience. Recently added buildings to Moscow Domodedovo Airport (UUDD) and I was watching people. Many people just don’t know, but they use Aeroflot livery for landing and takeoff, thinking that Aeroflot is based there. In fact, Aeroflot is based in Sheremetyevo (UUEE), in Domodedovo only S7 (Siberian), in IF we have only A319 in the old livery, and the airline itself practically does not fly on this plane.

I think that this information will be useful for many. We can also talk about flights within the country Russia, a country unique in its nature and great history. You can also say that flights over the southeastern part of Ukraine are prohibited. And this already applies to those who do not make a route using the FPL and fly to Sochi in their own way.

Personally, of course, I do not prohibit anything, this is all highly recommended. Important: for a realistic experience.



Thank very much for the information!


I believe pilots fly using the Aeroflot livery mainly because of buildings not being available at UUEE and since S7 in Infinite Flight has limited livery selections. Good to know, though!


right on brother. we should add some more realism to it.


Also, such airlines as Red Wings and Ural Airlines are based in Domodedovo. You can search for everything about them on the Internet. But in IF they are absent… You can also vote for the livery of these airlines on the forum.

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On the bans on flights over the south east of Ukraine:


Yes I used to think few years ago that Domodedovo was where Aeroflot was based since I had no idea Sheremetyevo airport existed

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About these bans, are any Russian flights allowed in Ukrainian airspace? I want to know since flying from Russia to Moldova or Romania would be prohibitively long if Ukrainian airspace is closed to Russian flights.

Russian Airlines that fly from Russia to Turkey have to go around Ukraine, whilst Turkish airlines can fly through Ukraine. Guessing it’s the same for flights to Moldova and Romania

Basically the ban is for Russian airlines and Russian registered aircraft not for flights inbound/outbound Russia


You are probably right about this exception. Recently I saw a Lufthansa flight en route from Munich to Moscow (UUDD) bypassing Belarus via Ukraine, everything was fine.

That’s what I wanted to say. But the South-East of Ukraine is forbidden for everyone, because there is fighting there. I don’t think there is anyone left who doesn’t know about the downed Malaysian Boeing in 2014.


There a friend wrote above. For non-Russian airlines it is allowed to fly over Ukraine, but I will add: the SOUTH EAST of Ukraine is prohibited for everyone.

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