UTair Boeing 737-800 over runs runaway and catches on Fire.

All 170 occupants of a Utair Boeing 737-800 have escaped after the aircraft suffered severe damage during an overrun on landing at Sochi. The aircraft was VQ-BJI suffered a runway over run and its landing gear collapsed, before coming to a stop in a nearby river bed.
The aircraft was operating a flight from Moscow to Sochi


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How horrible! Luckily all 170 souls managed to escape.


What! I really want to know How this happend 🤷🏼‍♂️ Im happy everyone is alive.

Those photos almost look apocalyptic…

A welcome surprise that all souls survived!

No Runway End Safety Area (RESA), straight down in the river/ditch.

Photo: NTV

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I don’t get it. Is 2018 the worst year for aviation and is 2019 going to be worse. I hope not.

Thank God everyone survived 😊


I’m just happy that everyone survived. The poor plane though…

The plane was just 15 years old.

They didn’t use all exits, wonder why. Anyways luckily it wasn’t Moscow this was at, or it would’ve been a lot worse.

Wow! This has been a terrible year in terms of aviation accidents. Miraculously everyone survived!

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Not everyone survived, a first responder has died!

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I’m sorry but those pictures just look devastating. Like I have said before in other topics, this has been a horrible year for Aviation and could be arguably the worst year. I hope everyone is okay and if you are not I am praying for you

No matter where it is, it is still terrible. If you look at the pictures, some exits are blocked and/or has a obstacle in the way like fire or trees.

how do you overshoot the runway?

This has been a rough year for aviation…


It really has been…let’s cross our fingers nothing like this happens again…🤞🏻


They don’t mean he landed at the wrong end of the runway if that is what your thinking. Likely there was rain, a short runway, heavy aircraft, mechanical issues, or some combination of those. It could have been a very well executed landing, but something caused the plane to not stop by the other end…

Could be that spoilers didn’t deploy. Reverse thrust not working or even break failure

As of right now, the cause is unknown. However I’m sure as soon as the FAA knows, they’ll let you know

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Agreed, it really has been rough.

Like within the last 2 months:

Aeromexico crashed on takeoff

An Alaskan Airlines Dash 8 Q400 was stolen and crashed

UTair Boeing 737-800 overruns runway and “crashes”

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Yup, looks like that airframe cannot be salvaged. Good news everyone survived though.