Utair ATR-72-500

Utair. They have 15 of them. And they had a lot of atr-42s before.
Their former subsidiary Utair Ukraine had 5 atr-72s, brand new as well.


My love UTair

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Maybe you guys should stop with the requests, you seem to be killing your own topics. Plus, you got an update like a week ago.

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For a second I thought you were gonna start making an illuminati confirmed, Peladophobian style.

I do like the livery.


I agree, you guys (@v_berezh, @GISINNIKITA) should stop with the requests about Soviet Union’s planes and liveries…

Dush has a point guys (@v_berezh & @GISINNIKITA) it’s starting to look like spam. Space them out a little :)

Don’t want to have to press that little flag.

Tank in the sky 👊

You all invaded my topic with non-related posts. 😡

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He’s talking truth. Mr Dush is trying to point out a variety of liveries from many countries. Not just in the Soviet Union.

No way it’s SU. 🙂

Please carm down @v_berezh. Now there has been a bit of off topic nonsense but I hope you paid attention.

Now let’s stop the bagging out and continue with the subject and topic. :)

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Space yourself out a little,we do requests not every day and max about 4

Chill @v_berezh. We were just stating that you are killing your own topics.