Usman_A's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Good Controlling Bud! Feedback is as Follows! I was N121WS…

  • On my first radar pattern 5000ft was way to high for an initial altitude, you corrected this later however on my next two patterns so well done on spotting that!

  • Why was my intercept angle so sharp, I looked at countless approach charts and they all took me to the end of the cone and not 90 degrees to it at 2000ft. In the manual it stated putting me almost exactly on the cone with a bit of leverage either side. If my reading is not wrong of course!

  • When you gave me my turn for 100 degrees on my second pattern I was still in my turn for 130 whilst this isn’t a major issue in the big scheme of things it would help your efficiency a lot to give me one turn to 100 by judging my speed and height first. The 130 turn in this case was rendered useless/inefficient.

  • Why after every pattern was I not cleared for the GPS approach? In Tylers GPS approach ATC video he clears his aircraft for the GPS so why wasn’t I? Instead I was just handed off to Unicom!


Really great session Bud! I have no doubt you would do absolutely fine with more aircraft on arrival. Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing you as an Officer soon! ✌️

Apologies if any of the feedback is wrong. Not to knowledgeable on GPS approaches but I tried my best! Thanks 🙏

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For Radar Vectors, controllers don’t have to take pilots towards end of cone, they are basically treating you as visual but without “Report Airport in sight” and “Clearance”. I have been taught that 90 degrees turn from downwind is acceptable.

Manual says " When a pilot requests the GPS Approach, Controllers must check that the aircraft has a published procedure (i.e. denoted by a prefix in their flight plan" Since you did not have anything filed I converted your approach to radar vectors.

Here I was trying to widen your crosswind abit. I have been trained to maintain minimum of 5nm gap between airport and downwind.

I appreciate your detailed feedback and questions :) Thanks

I am willing to take discussion further in PM if you are still unsure about what I have said above :)