Usman_Adil's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [Practical Passed]

This is my THIRD atc thread since I could not edit my previous thread. I have created this to seek attention from experienced pilots whenever I am opening TOWER / GROUND in TRAINING SERVER.

Feedback is greatly appreciated from users who attend my sessions. Thanks


I want you to TEST me on following :-

  • Ground Awareness,Taxi Instructions, Give Way Commands, Runway Selection, Takeoff Clearances, Pattern Entry, Sequencing, Runway Changes, Transitions

  • Use aircraft no larger than A320


OPKC is Open

  • Require atleast 3-4 aircraft for pattern & sequence & clearance practice

Hey, I’ll try to drop by in 15 if you’re still open by then :)

awesome, I’ll be open for quite a while.

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G-PMKY here. The few circuits I did with @Anthony_Morgan were great - I couldn’t find fault on your ground work, patterns, clearances, runway changes, and we gave you a pretty good workout between us… The only comment I’d make is that on Anthony’s go-around you could have given me an exit runway so I didn’t take off again into his path.

Nice work, get your test booked!

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Hey @Usman_A. I was Indonesia 888. Feedback as below :)

  • 1605Z: Good job on spotting that I need pushback

  • 1606Z: Good job on issuing wait before taxi to Emirates 293

  • 1617Z: Good job on spotting the wrong runway

  • 1622Z: Good job on spotting the GA. However like what @powdarrmonkey mentioned above, you may want to give him exit runway.

  • 1627Z: Unfortunately you missed my wrong runway very late (400ft AGL) on my final pattern. I was trying to enter 25L but I gave up hahaha

Overall nice work on pattern, sequencing and clearance. Response time was also great. Keep it up and you should be good to go :)

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My bad I am looking at wrong thing. ignore what i said about “exit command”

@powdarrmonkey & @Anthony_Morgan thank you very much for coming :)

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