Usman_Adil's ATC Tracking Thread [Close]

-Spawn at appropriate apron/gate
-Please DO NOT cut through taxi lines
-Watch your taxi speed (Suggest to keep it under 25 knots GS)
-Patter work is allowed
-Once you are cleared to land/option, reporting your position is not necessary
-DO NOT request frequency change
-Change to appropriate frequency in timely manner
-Feedback is appreciated at the end

Feedback on EGBB today.

I was there as N479QT doing reasonably tight patterns in a Citation.

Overall I thought your controlling was great. Solid ground control, sequencing, patterns, timely clearances, etc.

Postive Observations

  • Good ground control. Issued give way command to an AC that would have conflicted with me on taxi to the RW. You have must have told an AC to hold position / give way as I was exiting the RW as well since he was not moving. You had him continue taxi soon after I passed.
  • Good proactive hold short as I approached the RW to cross it.
  • Good pattern instructions to have an IB AC change RW to the active direction.
  • Good job ACK’g my ‘full stop’ report position report (roger vs. ‘already cleared to land’)


  • I think someone committed a RW incursion. You had ground tell him to exit the runway when able. There is a cmd under misc cmds that is something like not cleared to enter RW, please exit RW. Both tower and ground have it but the phrasing is different. More clear than a normal ‘exit RW’ that they’ve done something wrong. Of course he took off without clearance so I doubt he would have been dissuaded :).
  • Your first cleared for the option for me didn’t include make left traffic. I have been working with an IFATC controller and he let me know that the first C4O should incl make xxx traffic even though the AC already recd the inst on the clear to takeoff. This is counter intuitive to me but that seems to be the practice. It is what Tyler did in his perfect atc test youtube vid too. Subsequent C4Os don’t need a make xxx traffic unless you changing pattern direction.
  • I didn’t capture detail (was hand flying), but somewhere I believe you cleared me or another AC to land #2 without providing sequencing (#2 behind xxx traffic)
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  • Pattern Work Allowed
  • Arrival > Rwy 30L
  • Departure > Rwy 30L/R
  • No Duplicate Messages

Was there as N479QT. Good job today. Didn’t notice any opportunities for improvement. Good ground control, especially after I started my taxi without permission (sorry about that!).

I decided to do one of each of the “options” - T&G, full stop on RW, low pass. I didn’t realize until a few days ago that a full stop on the RW followed by a takeoff was one of the “options”. Makes it confusing re. exit instructions for sure. Also tougher to time following AC.

Thanks for controlling!

Hey, Thanks alot for stopping by and you gave me a challenge which is what I wanted at the end. You not requesting taxi to rwy xx made me think, you were testing my ground vigilance hehe. I didn’t mind it at all.

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It was funny because I was watching the large Emirates jet to my right wondering if you were going to issue a give way command to one of us. Wasn’t sure why you were OK with us taxi in parallel so close to each other. Turns out I wasn’t supposed to be moving :). Doh.

Related to that you might find this amusing (and scary at the end). Airborne vs. taxi but same idea! :)


KATL ATC is open

  • do stop by for some pattern work
  • Honest Feedback is appreciated
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  • You cleared me for take off, left traffic and then you cleared me for the option on a different runway. Always give a pattern entry, sequence and clearance if the runway is changing!

  • You correct this when I requested a runway change, but you didn’t sequence me behind Number 2. Remember, for inbound or for runway change, “pattern, sequence (if necessary) and clear.”

  • My transition was a bit high. 4,000 or 4,500 would’ve been fine.

Hope this helps.

Hey, sorry for late response, I had RL emergency yesterday. Thanks for stopping by. I very much appreciate your feedback. Please do feel free to stop by next time to give me more challenge :)

Yes, I understand that, though I thought since it wasn’t that busy and you had reasonable space between traffic on final landing on 26R so I thought sequence would not be necessary. I did give you pattern instr after you requested runway change to 26R and cleared you number 2 for 26R.

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