Usman_Adil’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A [Written Passed]

Dear IF Users

This is my NEW atc thread since I could not edit my previous thread. I have created this to seek attention from experienced pilots whenever I am opening TOWER / GROUND in TRAINING SERVER.

Feedback is greatly appreciated from users who attend my sessions. Thanks


  • I want you to TEST me on following :-

Ground Awareness,Taxi Instructions, Give Way Commands, Runway Selection, Takeoff Clearances, Pattern Entry, Sequencing, Runway Changes, Transitions

  • Use aircraft no larger than A320

KADW is Open

EGCC is Open

EGCC is Open

EDDL is Open


  • sorry for overtaking that Luxair, I dont know why it was stopping there
  • runway exit was too early, should be given between 60-70kts
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Thank you for stopping by :) Oh you was at 64knts and dropping fast when I gave you the exit command. was you at 164 knts? I play on my iphone so sometimes the text is too tiny, I missread your speed, my bad.

As for Luxair, I wasnt too happy about him facing the wrong direction during taxi and blocking the taxiway. Wasn’t your fault, I understood straight away when you overtook him. @Vignesh_S

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EDDL is Open

UHPP is Open. I have practical tomorrow.

Coming now! Interesting airport

Hey tag me for your next session!

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Great ATC services. I was the Cessna. Sorry had to leave.

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ZBTJ is Open. Practical Tomorrow.

P.s. @Collins4486 at your request :)

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I’ll be there what time?

Frequency is open for about next 1 or 2 hours.

Oh dear can’t come how about tomorrow ?

Hey man, i’ll come along and do a few patterns :)

I’m free from 2020-07-21T10:00:00Z

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Top job👍🏻Shame there weren’t more aircraft cars was quite lonely😭
Only thing is that my runway exit command came quite late at about 38 knots, this isn’t a big issue, though.
As i said, fantastic work, you should pass in no time!

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Thanks for coming by.

Speaking of my weakness you mentioned above. I knew some would be picky :p lol I have noticed there is hardly anyone who gets that “exit runway” command sent to a pilot in a timely manner.