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I’ve see quite a number of users saying that they don’t know how to use ZULU time. This is a little bit of a problem, as it’s the time used by the entire aviation industry and the military, as well as the time used for events, group flights, and everything else inside of Infinite Flight. To help you get a better understanding of it, I’ve prepared a short tutorial. Enjoy!

Here’s a very easy-to-read map that shows the hours either side of ZULU. To use an example, if you’re sat reading this from the bath in Los Angeles, you’re 8 hours behind ZULU. So, if it’s 3pm (1500) over there, it’s (*struggles to do basic maths in head) 2300Z. If you’re currently sunlounging in Turkey and it’s 10 in the morning, then as you’re on the +3 timezone, you take away 3 hours and it’s 0700Z. And if, like me, you’re sat inside in front of your computer in the UK, then you don’t need to do anything at all - your time is the same as ZULU.

NOTE: This map does not take Daylight saving time/Summer time/any other variant of time changing into account - read below for how to figure the time out if that’s the case.

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If you’re not sure which side of the boundary you’re on, or the clocks have just gone forward, then there’s another (albeit slightly more complicated) way of working out the time in ZULU.

If you head to Current “Zulu” Military Time, it’ll tell you the current time in ZULU. From there on in it’s pretty easy to work out the time with some pretty basic mathematics.

N.B. ZULU time has a few other connotations as well, namely UTC and GMT. Don’t be thrown off if you see these terms used instead.

I hope this clears up any queries you may have had. As always, please feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments below.

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That is literally the exact same map linked in the post lol


which countries participate in the daylight saving time?

I’m glad we have this though 2018-12-16T06:00:00Z
It makes life sooo much easier 😄 I’m terrible at numbers


China’s timezone is weird having the same time all around even for areas like Urumqi which are closer to +5 and +6 timezone regions.

may seem strange, but no matter how big it is, there is only one time zone

Good tutorial. Will definitely help those in need of it.

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Back in the day, we would call this number: 202-762-1401 (adjusted for commercial numbers) to call every 2am to set our command post
clock, called a time hack to ensure that we had the the most accurate and current time

This is very good. Thank you!

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about a years ago i joint a flight event, when i look at the clock it show the time when the event is started, but i confused that there is no airplane in the parking spot. so i check again the event information and it show ZULU time

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Well because you bumped this I found it :) thanks!