using Windows

Is there any otherways to download the Infinite flight than using Bluestack X, I have tried many time but its not working, please advise if anyone know.

Thank you.

On what device?

Hey there!

Unfortunately, running IF on a non-iOS or Android device is not possible, at this time. Using emulators (such as Bluestacks, which you mentioned) is not officially supported, is expected to be buggy, and bugs encountered there are very unlikely to be fixed.

For now, the only way to run Infinite Flight would be on a supported iOS or Android device. There are currently no plans for a PC version to be made.


Hello there! You’ll need to use bluestacks 5 - and then create a 64bit instance (the default one is 32bit and IF does not support 32bit no more), and then you can install right from the play store

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