Using Wedbing

A quick tutorial on how to use Wedbing.

Wedbing is an incredibly useful tool, which allows you to select an airport from WED and overlay images from Bing Maps, which are both detailed and accurate in-terms of location.


Installing Wedbing is pretty easy. You will need to download Wedbing from and the JDK from here


A quick usage video (Mac) - pretty similar on Windows:

There appears to be some issues on Windows with Wedbing… Hopefully we will have more info on that soon.


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Trying to wrap my head around some features…seems cool,but tedious work…

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Fire any questions at us :)


Can you Upload a Better Video? I didnt Really Understand, sorry…

Type /Wedbing on slack. You’ll get help :)

I’ve explained in simple words

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I’m having trouble installing Wedbing on my mac. When I download the zip (from X-Plane forum AND google drive) and unzip, it produces two .jar files. Double clicking on these just produces an error message saying my computer can’t run third party (or not registered user, something along those lines) applications. I assumed this was happening because I didn’t have java installed, as it says on Wedbing’s wordpress, but after re-installing java and trying the entire process again, I’ve had no luck. Has anybody had a similar issue they were able to fix? Really want to get editing!!


Please report these kinds of issues in our slack.

this is not the place to report your issues with the software

I have, I got a simple “never had that problem” from other users…

The same people are here too :) you have to wait. Not everyone over there owns a Mac.

I guess you have to allow Wedbing to run (3rd party apps which are not from the Mac store)

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