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I was wondering if people use Unicom when nobody Else was close To that airport. I personally don’t but just wondering If I should.

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There should be no reason why you shouldn’t be using Unicom at any time. Even though you may be the only aircraft in the vicinity, you should make it a habit.


Ok I will start using Unicom all the time, thanks

There’s not necessarily a rule against it, and it’s ok if you forget, but even without nearby traffic it adds some sort of layer of immersiveness to my flying and makes me feel more happy with my flight, if that makes sense.


It’s like the saying, “Do the right thing even when no one is watching.”


Always use Unicom, end of story

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yes i agree! but i also think you should use unicom for realism

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I use the same logic I use while driving. I use turn signals even when I don’t see any other cars. After all, you don’t typically see the car you hit!


Exactly. @Drummerwas saying you should always use Unicom (the right thing) even when no one is watching (is there).


You will be surprised people are sometimes still tuned in even If no one is there



You must use it, think in people that is taxiing to the runway where you are landing. A simple “On Final” or “Holding Short”, makes all people a safe landing and waiting near runway.

Imagine that you are landing and you are focused on the runway, speed, flaps. You see some lights or planes that you don´t see at your HUD Map. Listening the intentions relaxed me when I´m landing.



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what annoys me about unicom, is when you are flying with 40-50 small fields around like in chicago, and you have to scroll through them all trying to find it all whilst flying.

They should make it so you can tune into unicom from the main airport page like you can do with atc…otherwise you can’t listen to traffic intentions until you get really close.

I agree. You can vote for that here!


voted - exactly what is needed! thanks

I think you should be able to tune into Unicom around 50-60nm out

Exactly. And it’s also great training for those busier situations in my opinion.

You should use unicom if you can. The only time where not using it is acceptable if you are handflying something compicated because the ATC panel covers too much of the HUD/PFD

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