Using "Traffic" instead of unicom

I was wondering if the word unicom is mentioned because when I fly in France in uncontrolled fields, we must say for example “LA BAULE TRAFFIC, F-GRCR IS ON FINAL RUNWAY 11” is it something specific to France or is “Traffic” used worldwide?

Speaking of this, it’s is actually doable as of now in the sim.

If you’re on an iOS Device,

Settings>Accessibility>Spoken Content>Pronounciations

For the phrase “Unicom”, set a substitution to “traffic”.


In France, I stead of saying “Unicom” in uncontrolled airspace we say “Traffic” so I just wanted to know whether it was said anywhere else

And on Android?

I don’t have an Android, so I can’t tell for sure.

But if you have a text to speech setting in your Accessibility settings, browse around and see if it has a similar option

I think your post in in the wrong category.

So your IOS then?

No Android

What should it be please?

I do not see this in the IF settings

No on your phone I think

Im on an ipad

Device settings, not Infinite Flight settings. It’s the app with a gear icon.


Alright thanks I shall go take a quick look and hope IF doesn’t crash on me

I think ATC. As your post is related to that.

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This is the most incredible thing I have ever seen in my life

Yes, this is a pet peeve I have with uncontrolled airports. Unicom is incorrect, as you said it should be traffic instead, that is true of the U.S. as well.

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Yeah. I remember switching “remaining in the pattern” with “just gonna send it”. Freakin hilarious.

Yeah we use “traffic” in the UK too. I’ve seen it used on American YouTube channels too. Since IFATC used US procedures, it is a bit surprising actually that IF says UNICOM. In fact, is the word “unicom” even used IRL? Never heard it. Only heard CTAF and traffic.