Using the Trim (We need to talk guys)

I have come to observe through multiple screenshots of people’s HUDs while flying is that most of IF Pilots are not aware about the use of the trim control and it’s effects to the flight controls, pitching especially. I will try keep it simple but we could open a friendly debate in the comments section, for better take off and landing performance when the plane is slow and sometimes heavy proper trim is essential to have a well coordinated flight. I use ( I’m not being specific) for example a B737 with medium load I’d use 15 degrees flaps and a positive trim of around 40%, I stand to be corrected. This gives me a good rate of climb with N1 at 96% as I easy throttle back to N85% for a climb as to avoid busting the 250knot below 10000feet restriction. During cruise as the plane speeds up I reduce the trim to near 20% or how the magenta indicator on the trim tab directs me to, positive or negative. On landing how ever it’s a little different because you have burnt your trip fuel hence you are lighter meaning the aircraft my not require such high positive trim as take off did , flap use with help reduce the need for excessive trim. I’ll do more reading on trim control and I should be posting a better detailed post in the week, feel free to comment

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Hi Anthony,

We have a few tutorials and other topics regarding trim. Check out this one which details both the real world application and how we can use it to our advantage in Infinite Flight. Thanks!


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