Using The Parkway Visual On New York Approach

Hey y’all!

I had a super fun session last week controlling Approach and Departure for the New York area. I used the Parkway Visual at JFK which utilizes the Canarsie VOR to bring aircraft in on a very shortened base before turning to final for Runway 13L. It was a super fun session to control approaches into JFK, as well as the rest of the New York Area, and I hope y’all enjoy!

As always, leave a comment if you see yourself flying in the video!

Date and Time: 2024-04-26T21:15:00Z2024-04-27T01:45:00Z
Server: Expert
Frequency: New York Approach and Departure
Runways in Use:
Departing: 13R
Landing: 13L
Departing: 13
Landing: 22
Departing: 22R
Landing: 22R/L
Ground/Tower: @maximusprime
Ground/Tower/ATIS: @eliotp10
Ground/Tower/ATIS: @Bobby
New York Radar -
Approach and Departure: @JAR
ZNY, ZBW, ZDC ARTCC: @Mattchew_Bald


Well, now, y’all sure do wrangle up folks and get 'em to where they need to be with a mighty fine touch. Much obliged for all the hard work! 🫡

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Pleasure working with you! Wonderful job!

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Yess!! As a native New Yorker, thank you very much for showing the community how to do this! As an ATC in training, this is by far my favorite and most helpful channel.

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Not sure if it was you, but someone had me do this last week and it was a blast! I was a bit high after I turned, but I got it down safe.

Look forward to doing it again!


Yes sir! Always a pleasure :)

Thank you so much! I love this approach, super fun one to control and fly. Really appreciate the support <3

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Nice! Its a fun one to fly ;)

No problem! I was inspired by the vids to do IFATC: Open right now at KFAT if you could come help em practice!

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