Using the Forum

Welcome to this introduction to the forum, covering the different terminology and what features are available. We recommend using it as a reference for yourself, and also as a resource to point others to if they need it.

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General Tips to Get Started

Old Topics
  • The topic is older than 6 months. If a topic has not had a reply for a number of months, please do not comment on it. We suggest that you do not comment on anything that has a reply older than 6 months ago.It’s best to message a Moderator and ask permission to recreate a new topic if you are wanting to continue the discussion. This is to ensure fresh content is posted on the forum.
New Topics/Threads
  • The community is not google. This is a community focused on Infinite Flight. Questions referencing material for various homework assignments are better suited for Google instead of the community to answer.
  • Have you provided a complete thought along with a topic for discussion? Simply posting a picture or link with no description will not get very far. If you have a topic to discuss be sure to explain the topic fully to engage the community into discussion.
  • Are you replying to a current post? Replying to a post from over 24 hours ago may cause confusion if the thread has been active. Be sure your reply is warranted and is clear and concise.
  • Is the thread still active? If the thread has not been active in a few days/weeks/months you may want to re-evaluate the need for a reply. Necroposting (the act of bringing a dead thread back to life with a post with little to no value) is strongly discouraged.
  • Does the post need to be public? Not every post needs to be in a public thread. Are you correcting a link, grammar, or spelling? If so, please send the user a private message instead.
  • Are you repeating what others have said? Some threads are very active and replies fill up quickly. Before posting be sure that what you are saying has not been said already.
  • Stay on topic! If the thread is talking about the A320 live cockpit and you are posting a reply talking about a flight you took in a 737-800 on your summer vacation you may want to consider not posting it.
  • Are you talking to one person? Having a side conversation with another user one on one in the public thread should probably be moved to a private message to avoid confusion. This is especially true if the side discussion turns off-topic.

How to Use the Forum

Community Trust Levels (TL)

There is a natural progression for participants in any community. Your current trust level is visible on your user page, and a summary of all trust levels within your community is presented on your dashboard. Promotions automatically occur as well as auto demotions due to lack of activity. Staff/Moderators reserve the right to lock a user to a specific trust level based on behaviour.

New User (TL-0)

  • All new users start out at trust level 0. These are visitors who just created an account and are still learning the way our community works. New users’ abilities are restricted, preventing them from sending private messages to other users or flagging posts. The first few posts will also need to be approved before they show up on the forum.

Basic User (TL-1)

  • If a new user is willing to spend a little time reading, posting, and liking, they will quickly be promoted to the first trust level. TL1 users can flag posts and send private messages (PM).

Member User (TL-2)

  • Continue to actively contribute in the community and you will reach TL2. This trust level gives you the ability to post in some restricted categories, “who can post” is always noted in the “About” page of the category. Additionally, TL2 users have an increased number of daily likes available. The promotion is automatic and Moderators are unable to see how close you are to achieving TL2.

Regular User (TL-3)

  • Regulars are the backbone of the IF community, the most active readers and reliable contributors over a period of months, even years. Because they’re always around, they can be further trusted to help tidy up and organize the community. Regulars can also recategorize and rename topics to help fellow users.

Rather than this promotion being automatic, our IFC Moderators hand pick Regulars as we believe this has the following advantages:

  • The ability to be promoted to TL3 quicker if suitable
  • The chance to show Moderators your suitability for TL3 in more ways than the number of comments and topics overall
  • The potential to have a higher chance of staying TL3 once promoted due to being hand-picked by a Moderator

If you curious why you have not reached a particular trust level, please read the topic below for more information:

Trust Levels on the IFC

Private Messaging/Direct Messaging

Once you reach TL1, you are granted the privilege to message other community members.

How to create a Private Message
There are two ways that you can private message someone. The first can be done directly through the user’s profile by:

  • Clicking on their name (or search for their profile name by utilizing the built in search feature)
  • The search feature can be found at the top right hand corner of the forum, and is depicted as a magnifying glass. See image below:

Image 1.1

  • Once you have found the person you are looking to message and you have their profile popout in front of you, you will find a blue button labeled “Message”
  • Click on this button to start your private message

Image 1.2

  • You will need to fill out the Subject line with a keyword/phrase regarding what the message is about, followed by the message itself

Note: this forum is not an instant messaging platform. You will be required to type out a message of 10 characters or greater

The second way to send a message to a member is to:

  • Click on the small flag icon 23%20AM at the bottom of a reply
  • The flagging options page will be displayed which gives the option to send a private message (the option to flag is also available here and is described later)
  • Click the circle to the left of the option and begin typing your message in the text field that will be automatically displayed

Image 1.3

Note: By using the message feature under the “flagging options” the title of the message will already be populated for you

Viewing messages
To view any and all messages that you have sent or received:

  • Click your profile picture at the upper right-hand corner
  • A drop-down list will appear
  • Click on the envelope. This will take you to your inbox where your messages can be found

Image 1.4

Editing Topics & Replies

To begin editing your post or a topic that you created, look for this icon (found on the left side of your screen, just above the text field) and click it:

Image 2.1

Image 2.2

In the image above, from left to right, the icons are as follows:

  • Quote
  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Hyperlink
  • Blockquote
  • Preformatted Text
  • Upload Image
  • Bullet Points
  • Numbered Bullets
  • Settings (within this are Hide Details, Insert Date, Blur Spoiler, and Build Poll)


  • Text, for the most part, can be bolded or italicized in most formats
  • Bold and italics will not work on “preformatted text” and on the title of the “hide details” features
  • There is no place to add a title to your poll when building it. Add the title into your post either before or after your poll has been built
  • Anytime you see a “black triangle” in this section, click on that triangle. There’s more useful information within

Interactive Formatting Tutorial

Font Formatting

  • This is a test message… (Without bold or italics)

  • This is a test message. (Font with just bold)

  • This is a test message… (Font with just italics)

  • This is a test message. (Font with bold and italics)

Text Editing


Infinite Flight Community


This is a test message

Preformatted Text

**This is a test message.**

Bullet Points/Settings


  • First listed item
  • Second listed item
  • etc.


  1. First listed item

  2. Second listed item

Hide Details (click on the arrow to show more information)

Type the title of this dropdown here

This is the body of your text. Add words, photos, links, and anything else that you would normally include in the text body.

-Date and Time Feature

August 1, 2018 4:00 PM

Date & Time Tutorial

Blur Spoiler

Click on the blurred part below.

Anything you type in here will be blurred out until clicked upon.

Build Poll

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

0 voters

End of interactive tutorial

The below images are here for you to look through and see how the tutorial was created above. On the left side of the image, that is the raw format you are seeing. This shows what you are seeing was typed out or was put in by utilizing the editing tool bar as shown in image 2.2.

Image 2.3

Image 2.4

The date and time feature is extremely helpful and can be a bit on the tricky side to understand. The tutorial that is linked in the interactive tutorial is helpful at explaining how to use it to its fullest potential.

Image 2.5

Image 2.6

The poll comes with many different options. Feel free to create a message with yourself and play around with the different options to figure out what will work best for you and what you are looking to accomplish.

Pinned Topics/Global Announcements

Pinned Topics

Pinned topics are topics that Moderators and/or Staff consider important for the community to pay special attention to. Topics can only be pinned by a Moderator or Staff member.

Where can I find these Pinned Topics?
All categories will have some sort of pinned topic if a need for one is decided upon. Pinned topics come and go on a weekly basis. Keep an eye out for any changes that may occur.

Image 3.1

A pinned topic will be shown at the top of the forum and at the top of that category you are in. They will have a small pin to the left to the title to let you know that a Moderator/Staff member has pinned that topic.

Global Announcements

A global announcement will be shown as a blue banner at the top of your screen when one is issued. After you have read, understood, and taken the action if needed, you are free to dismiss the message by clicking the “X” in the right-hand corner of the banner. By doing this you will remove the banner from your view.

Image 3.3

Utilizing the Flagging Feature

Utilising the Flagging Feature:

This forum uses a feature called “flagging” that all community members are able to use. The flagging feature is represented by this icon: 23%20AM . It can be found at the bottom of all replies. Moderators and Staff encourage the use of flags whenever you find a post that falls under one or more of the four following categories:

  • Off-Topic
  • Inappropriate
  • Spam
  • Something Else (Custom)

When you click on the flag icon, the below pop up will appear on your screen when you can select which flag you want to use. You also have the option to simply message the individual to let them know what they posted may not align with the current discussion at hand:

  • Off-Topic, Inappropriate, & Spam are quick flags. Flagging this way will send a notification to the Moderators. The Moderator(s) will then review the flagged post and evaluate whether the post can stay as is or if it needs to be removed.
  • Something Else is a custom flag. When you select this flag as your flagging option, you will be greeted with a text field for you to type in a message that the Moderators will read. This flag is to be used for a reason that the other 3 flagging options would not be appropriate for.

Helpful Tips:

  • Do not flag a post for closure if you notice a Moderator and/or Staff member working with the community member to resolve an issue
  • Do not flag a post for closure if a question was answered. Just because the question has been answered does not mean that it needs to be closed. There are cases when an individual may have follow up questions
  • Be respectful to your peers if you choose to message them through the flagging option at the top
  • Utilize the flagging feature instead of arguing. If you notice an argument breaking out in a topic, just flag the reply and move on. The Moderators/Staff will deal with them
  • If you are flagging a topic because it is a duplicate of another current topic, copy and paste the URL of the older topic into the text field along with your message using the “something else” flagging option
  • Do not take offence if a post of yours was flagged. If you have a question regarding why something was flagged, please bring it to the attention of a Moderator.
  • Flags are good. Not all flags are negative and not all of them count against your forum rating. Moderators reply to every flag and will accept or reject flags as needed. Some may result in posts being deleted in an effort to keep the thread organized
  • Do not abuse flags. Flagging someone’s post as retaliation is abuse and may be subject to disciplinary action
Vulgar Usernames / Profiles / Callsigns / Display Names

Vulgar Usernames / Profiles / Callsigns / Display Names

All Usernames / Profiles / Callsigns / Display Names used both here and in-app must not go against our Terms of Service or Guide to the Community rules.

Please contact a Moderator if you are unsure

Forum Categories

Forum Categories

This forum is organised into different categories. Some of which you are able to post in right away, and some which require you to be a certain trust level. Our Guide to the Community applies to the whole forum but make sure to read the “About” page located at the top of each category for any other rules that might apply to that specific category.

To view the categories that are available, click on the “menu” icon. On desktop & mobile it will be found in the upper right hand corner of your screen as shown in the images below:

Image 7.1

Image 7.2

Air Traffic Control (ATC) / Violation Complaints

Pilots flying live on the Training or Expert servers can experience ATC services from controllers.

Training Server

  • The training server is where both controllers and pilots are learning.
  • You may encounter ATC messages that seem incorrect while everyone is learning. The goal is to fly and to not interfere with others.

Expert Server

  • Expert controllers take both a written and practical test in order to be able to control on the expert server.
  • Controller performance is monitored and issues addressed as needed.
  • If you would like to become a member of the IFATC group, please visit the recruiting thread for more information.

Addressing Violations

Receiving a Level 2 or Level 3 violation is where you become invisible to other pilots for the duration of your session. This is also reflected on your grade table and may change your ability to fly on a specific server for a period of time.

If you would like to inquire about your violation, please have a look at the topic below:

Inquiring About Violations

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