Using the a-10 engine sounds on crj series

The a-10 actually uses engines that are almost the same exact as the cf34 the a-10s engines sound great I think they should replace the generic sound on the crjs with the a-10s

That sounds like a good idea. The CF-34 is derived from the TF-34 of the A-10 and yes, sounds a lot like the CRJ. If you’re not out of votes you can vote for your own request 👍🏻


yeah they did a great job on the a-10 sounds

They really should do this.


I thought the absolute same thing the minute I listened to the a-10 engines. Good point

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The Embraer 170/190 have the same engines as well! Would be a solid update for them as well!


Yes, I I noticed the A-10 engines sound just like the engines when I have flown on the CRJ. I removed a vote so I could vote for this.


I deleted a vote for this. Make it happen!


I mentioned it somewhere on an A-10 thread before the update came out that if the A-10 was getting new engine sounds; the CRJs, ERJs and A-10 should share the same engine sound pack since they all essentially have same engine

The TF-34 IS the father of the CF-34:

I would be happy even they put it on 747 as well 😂


This NEEDS to happen!


I second this! I’ve flown on a crj recently and they do sound alike! You have my vote!

That’s a lot of aircraft that are instantly even better, especially since the CRJ series was reworked recently and many people fly them. It might even bring a bit more attention to the ERJ as well.

Let’s hope they do it on the next update since I would think it would take a lot of time.


I was really thinking of that! Because they are the same ones just militarized! Both deliver same thrust, everything. Just make the CRJ switch a little more soundproofing.


Probably easy to add, really nice idea, big impact during flights with my absolutely favorite aircraft in IF. Voted.

I really wish I wasnt out of votes.

I’m gonna do a wee bit more then uselessly comment😉
I think it’s a great idea. Switch up the engine sounds a bit. You HAVE my vote. 👍🏿

I’m gonna vote rather then comment something that doesn’t need to be acknowledged😉😂 I hope this happens because I’ve flown on many CRJ-200s and it sounds very similar to this!

That’s not a bad idea… In-fact when comparing the A-10 sounds to real life spotting videos, they sound pretty similar!

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