Using taxiway in Casual sever

What you would do if a plane in taxiing towards you on a single taxiway?

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Stop and make it a staring contest. Last one to despawn wins.


In the casual server you just go through them, go into a staring competition or head to a parallel taxiway.

LOL I love this

Quickly respawn in a fighter and blast through them at Mach 8.5


Only Mach 8.5?


Yesterday it happened to me, when I was carrying the space shuttle from Edward Military Base to LAX, and Delta from LAS was landing the same runway in the same time. And the delta was faster to land then exited the last exit then was coming towards me, and I exited the runway a bit early and was on the way to the remote stand. When I faced with delta in the same taxiway, that delta pilot was using landing light to signal something. Lol

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Was the pilot using their landing light to say something in morse code? I would love to see the replay and try to decode it (I dunno how morse code works though so maybe someone else should do it ehe)

Oh this is casual server; bold of you to assume the other aircraft won’t keep going


Sounds like that, the pilot was using “ on off on off on “

I gave signal “ on off on off “, then the pilot went to detour to cross the runway

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you go to him, both stop, and then you inch closer and closer, making him reverse. you continue pushing forwards slowly while he reverses until you push him back to the end of the taxiway

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We are in a great staring contest with American 2810 and it might be an extra hour before we take off.”

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Yeah I’ve done this!! But oddly enough, it was on the expert server.

Personally, i would let them pass at nearest turn off , keep good practice of safe , courtesy operations

yes lol or they can just taxi through each other

correct answer right here

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