Using SimBrief after new update

The flight plans are the only thing different so you’ll be taking a different route

What should I do

Just proceed as normal

I don’t like the new update because I can’t make me own plan👎🏽

Um yes you can you need to find the way points

Hey @Tmhndi copy and paste the flightplan Simbrief has given you to use. You say you don’t want to use the SID/STAR of the flightplan? You can remove that part of the plan once you’ve copy and pasted the plan into IF. Then you can add your own waypoints to customize your flightplan

I’m sorry if I don’t understand the question your asking. I personally use Simbrief so it’s done for me, my flightpath, fuel, altitude. If I wanted to make my own flightpath then I would just do it without any thirdparty websites.


Thank you for the help, but I did not understand anything because the blue box makes me angry, I walk on the path that I do not want, and when I plan on my path it gives me the exact rise and fall even if I am at a higher speed

Put you in your own plan from Doha to New York so that you know that the plan looked at HH902 and try to go to fpl to inf and see how it will change and give you the blue box

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