Using SimBrief after new update

I have tried to put in a flight plan from SimBrief but the waypoints are not the same anymore. I was wondering if it works if I copy and paste the entire flight plan. If not I would like to know other websites or apps I can use.

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All I do is I pick a Sid then I copy the fpl or the plan SimBrief gave me and then on the side under the search bar it should ask you if you want to replace or just add it. Then you want to delete until it is good and then…yeah


If it helped your welcome

Yeah I will try it

Put in the place you want to fly, then when in the game select your departure route, then put in your FPL by saying “Add” then delete the ones you don’t want if it interferes with your Departure, Arrival, or Approach.

Simbrief is either/or functions. If you select a realistic route it will give you a SID/STAR as part of it. It may be off if you use the older free route or tie in your Navigraph account for current ones.

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After new update I can’t plan why I should pay

Where does it say to pay…? Using Simbrief doesn’t cost money for the user.


I’m not exactly underStanding the problem

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You don’t need to pay.

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You don’t need to. I use Simbrief floorlessly for every flight since I don’t even know how long. All you can choose to pay for is more up-to-date navigation data, but usually you can work it out and adapt it with Infinite Flight anyway.

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I want to create my own plan, but when I try there in the blue box there is a small message saying, “This route has been dynamically generated based on the current NAT tracks, the UK SRD, and user-submitted route segments.”
Try but it doesn’t work and I don’t want to use SID / STAR

I cannot make my own, I have to take the Blue Box, otherwise it is not possible, and for all trips to the United States I should take the Blue Box

So are you just copy and pasting that flight plan directly into IF?

Expect after an update it is difficult to create my own, because the simbrief gives me the correct height from the moment of take-off and landing

Yes yes , just copy paste

I don’t want just copy paste, want my own plan not blue box

The blue box won’t appear in ur flight plan

See what the difference is between the first and second boxes, the second is my plan, and depending on it, try to adopt my plan. The first plan appears to me. Try to do it yourself.