Using second apps during live-be careful

Good morning at all,
I tried to find out if there was already a topic on this topic, but I did not find anything (surely there is something) so if there are already excuse me
I wanted to tell you about the use of second applications during live flights, many know it but many do not.
When you fly live and use other applications (with the same device) especially those in the flag menu, you disappeared from the map, and the main problem Is that you often reappear at the wrong point, for example: approaching too close to another plane, or too close to the target airport at an altitude too high, or even risking landing on a runway with other aircraft ready to Take off or in the final landing. When we are caught we are forced to ghost you, to avoid collisions or accidents, but it would be much easier to avoid it.
Use a second device, or if you have to do something else, do not pause (also because it does not exist live), abort your flight and resubmit When you are free, so avoid risking being ghosted and ruining the experience of other users and controllers.
thank you for your collaboration
Safe flight!


So this is mainly for experts sever? Correct?

Also usually I pull over from the side “In - Flight Assitant” for about literally 2 seconds. But I’m sure that’s ok.

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Yes I’m speaking for the Expert Server,and yes happened also when you do that.

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Yes, In-Flight Assistant is intended to be opened only once at the beginning of (or even before!) your flight and then should not need to be opened for the rest of the flight.

If you for some reason need to (making some change of some kind), you should view it like you would leaving the app for a short while to read an email or something - something only to be done if you absolutely have to.


Thanks for pointing out and clarifying.

The pause menu in live doesn’t pause the game- the only way to do it in live is to exit the application(no need to force close) then the game will actually freeze you position

Well this is what I said,but have in mind that doesn’t freeze exactly in the same point,sometimes takes few moments,and yes if is in the same point,like on final,you are in trouble.

Normally I have a second device for infinite passengers since It work connecting to the same wifi. It has less chances crashing the game and or the second running app.

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