Using Rwy 22L for departures at EFHK

Okay so ive seen this many times where people use 22L for departures instead of rwy 22R which is used normally for departures. I know its not a big deal but it would give a small bit of realism to the flying especially on Expert server

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Hello @Emil_Levander,

Infinite Flight experiences higher traffic loads than real life sometimes, therefore operating with realistic procedures would slow down the efficiency of arriving and departing aircraft.

IFATC are instructed to use all available runways to get aircraft landing and departing as efficiently as possible.


Wouldnt it be more efficient to use 22r and 15 then thats their best configuration

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We’re instructed to use ALL available runways for landings and departures when possible. So yes they should be using runway 22R and 15 as well as 22L.


yea i get that but you are able to get more planes off the ground via rwy 22r cause the lineup area is better for that instead that small one way at rwy 22L when so it would be better to use it as a primary landing rwy and 22r for takeoffs especially when intersection departures arent allowed. Just my point of view :)

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I get what you mean. At Dublin the use RNW 34 for departures which never happens in real world. But it‘s their job to get planes in air and on the ground as fast and safe as possible.

Yea the biggest problem at HEL is that they dont get planes moving as fast as possible they just make 22L stuck cause its not built for departures at 22R there wouldnt be such a line you know


I wouldn‘t stress out about it. Your flight will still be realistic if you listen to the ATC and do what real world pilots do ☺️

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Yea its just that i LOVE the departure from 22R lmao and i was like hmm there is better ways to do that but well im not ifatc. I was just pointing out and maybe helping cause the runways are built for certain purposes

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Yes I understand but there is no point in stressing out about it.

im not stressing lmao

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Oh now I see. They are only using 22L for departures which is creating a huggggge line and long delays

Yea so if they used 22L for landings and 22R for departure like irl it would be so much faster

The problem with using 22R for departures and 22L for arrivals is that there will be a build up of crossings for 22L, therefore creating unwanted conflicts, more go arounds and inefficient ground movement.
Helsinki is experiencing huge traffic that isn’t seen in real world. Therefore as @Declan_O said above, using realistic procedures would slow down the efficiency of arriving and departing aircraft.

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In real life controllers work at there airport always so get used to the airfield. IFATC controllers just spawn in and control not knowing all the procedures and best ways to get the aircraft off the ground. That’s why they use both runways it is efficient and get aircraft off the ground quickly. Unless you want delays?
Happy Flying

Thats why there are 3 crossing points for 22L and this system they have now causes more delays definetly cause the airfield isnt built for this

Or then use 22r and 15 so there wont be any crossings thats what they use normally cause then you dont need to worry about that

I think the ATC’s above have done a good job explaining this to you to be honest. I wouldn’t stress about it.

You have to try and appreciate the work the ATC’s do in IF because they experience probably triple of real world traffic…therefore using all runways is not a problem. Key word is efficiency and trust me, you would still get off the runway realistically😊.


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